Rainer Stampar

Owner and highly skilled jeweler, Rainer Stampar, brings his manufacturing background to the store which allows him to precisely design, create, and sell fine jewelry. Rainer Stampar knew from an early age that he loved to build and create new things. Right from high school, he was intrigued by the way earth created minerals and gems, Gemology. He graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California as a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist. Infused with the knowledge of gems and the know how to create jewelry, he quickly began a jewelry studio making new and unique designs for many high end retail jewelry stores.

Rainer’s fascination for design and attention to fine detail has put him right where he is now. He has been serving the community with his store and studio in Jupiter, Florida for the last 22 years. “My work is an extension of who I am,” Rainer says. Rainer exclaims that it is a profound honor for clients to entrust him to create meaningful pieces of jewelry for their lives, such as a wedding ring. Through all his amazing work, his greatest accomplishment remains his job as a devoted father of four amazing children.

Chris Seidler

Owner and jewelry designer Chris Seidler, started in the jewelry industry in 1984 with his father. They started out doing home jewelry shows and then got into doing flea markets selling jewelry each weekend. They were successful in growing the business this way and decided to open a retail location in 1986. They started out splitting the store in half to save money and split the space with a family friend. The family friend sold wicker baskets on one half and they sold jewelry on the other half. At this time there was a big brand store called service merchandise that was going out of business and had a jewelry department. They ended up buying all there display cases and safe. They were able to open the store for just around $10K. The business grew and they eventually took over the whole space. Chris worked in the store throughout his childhood and learned the business really well. In 2002 he felt it was time to branch out on his own and opened his first store. He had this store for around 4 years and it was a success. After 4 years he decided to move his family and the business to Sacramento Ca. They opened a new store and had that location for almost 10 years. Being in the business for over 30 years he was ready for something different. He closed the store and moved to Florida and now started Organic Diamonds.